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Govinddevji Packaging Industries

G-1-895, Road No. 14, V.K.I.A.
Jaipur- 302013, Rajasthan (India)

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About Us

Govinddevji Packaging Industries

                 We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality Paper Cores, Paper Tubes,  BOPP Tape (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)  ,DTY ,POY Tubes, Angle Board   and Paper  Composite Cans. Established in 2012, the Company has rapidly grown into a leading Paper Converting unit in India with the latest modern machinery and an experienced, dedicated team of staff and workers. It caters to the packaging needs of a variety of industries like Textile, Artificial leather, News Paper, Flexible Film, Foils, Lamination, Woven Sacks, Pump Set and Engineering.

We have our own laboratory setup to measure inner diameter, thickness, outer diameter and compressive strength of any kind of tube. We can measure burst factor of any kind of paper such as Kraft paper, Kraft board, Imported paper by using bursting strength tester. In our laboratory we can also calculate cobb value. In this way we provide high compressive strength best quality tubes to our customers. We use low moisture paper so that we can make best quality tubes for export purpose.

Govinddevji Packaging Industries remains the trend setter in the manufacture of paper products providing the bench mark for quality and customer service. A constant monitoring of raw materials quality, dimensional accuracy, crush resistance, breaking strength, roundness, residual humidity and surface quality ensures our customers have trouble free manufacturing process.With highly qualified competent human resource and a modern manufacturing process, we make every effort to provide our customers with reliable and consistent high quality products.

The Marketing Department headed by a Group Marketing Manager works in close coordination with the customers and the production unit to ensure prompt deliveries in the shortest possible lead time.

We are an ISO Certified Organization, we are a highly reputed and quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of packaging products.


GPI is equipped to handle the requirements and paperwork of customers whose products must be quality certified. We have extensive experience in meeting the needs of multiple certification classifications.
GPI “customer first” attitude guarantees a quality product at excellent prices.

Quality and Infrastructure

We always believe in giving high quality packaging paper product to its clientele. To support this philosophy, we have a sound infrastructure set up. Stringent quality control procedures coupled with sophisticated testing equipment deliver best quality products at the most competitive price. Research and Development is a continuous process at GPI with constant feedback and suggestions from customers that are given a focused attention.
Using the latest technology we can produce various Tubes,Cones, DTY, POY Tubes, Angle Board ,Composite Cans and Bopp Tapes suitable for many applications and needs.

We believe that the growth of our customers is directly related to us. We can achieve a satisfactory growth as an organization only when our products will serve the consumer’s end successfully. Right from the very beginning we have earnestly endeavored to inspire change, growth & development of our customers through our high quality products and unwavering commitment.

Highly qualified & competent professionals, reliable machinery, a comprehensive quality control department–our infrastructure is inclusive of all.  It not just helps us to survive in a healthy manner but also constantly thrive in the competitive market. Today, we are producing 50 million paper tubes and cones per annum. Our heavy investments in equipments, manufacturing capabilities and technology have made it possible for us to manufacture high precision, high quality and cost effective paper cones and paper tube, composite Cans, Bopp Tapes that deliver consistent performance.  The manufacturing process is geared as per customer requirement of specifications and delivery schedules.

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