Our Products

We are manufacturer and exporter of high quality Paper tubes and Paper cores. We make all kind of spiral paper tubes and paper cores for many different industries and applications. We offer our clients durable and cost-efficient paper tubes and cores.

We are using latest technology based machine to make best quality product. We have our own laboratory setup to measure inner diameter, thickness, outer diameter and compressive strength of any kind of tube. We can measure burst factor of any kind of paper such as kraft paper, mill board, grey board, outer paper and semi kraft paper by using bursting strength tester. In our laboratory we can also calculate cobb value. In this way we provide high compressive strength best quality tubes to our customers. We use low moisture paper so that we can make best quality tubes for export purpose. Our capacity is to make ten thousand meter tube per day. We use best quality adhesive and paper to make high CS tube for our customers. Our aim to supply best quality product to our customer and satisfy them to make tube according to there requirement.

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